Sale or Purchase of Business Lawyers

Business Lawyers

Buller McLeod Business Lawyers have the necessary skills and experience to advise you on the sale or purchase of any business. We can assist you with business types including companies, partnerships, and trusts.

Each party to a sale or purchase of business transaction should be independently advised by a lawyer and an accountant.

Buller McLeod Business Lawyers can help with:

  • Business structures
  • preparation or review of Sale of Business Contracts
  • Advice about preparation of Section 52 Statements
  • Preparation of Lease
  • Transfers of Lease
  • Goodwill and valuation of business assets
  • Liaison with financial institutions
  • Transfers of liquor licences and poker machine entitlements
  • Transfers of equipment licences
  • Franchising agreements
  • Arranging due diligence searches and inspections
  • Organising and attending settlement

Buying or selling a business is an important, and often legally complex, transaction involving the livlihood, financial security and future of all parties. The sale or purchase of a business can involve legal issues about Contract law, Agency law, Property law, Lease law and Company Law and usually involves amountsof money in the thousandsof dollars and sometimes much more. It is essential therefore that all parties obtain qualified and experienced legal and financial/accountancy advice. Buller McLeod Business Lawyers have been providing legal advice and representation to clients about the Purchase or Sale of their Business for over 20 years.

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