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Buller McLeod are experienced Will lawyers who can advise on and prepare a comprehensive legally valid Will for you at a reasonable cost.

There is no one answer about how to do your Will. It all depends on your assets, your circumstances and who your beneficiaries will be.

You need to make a will that makes your wishes clear, gives you and your loved ones peace of mind and is legally valid and binding. Doing this will protect your family and friends from costly and stressful legal disputes.

We try to keep the cost of Wills down for our clients. To do this we offer clients who come to us through our website several special offers that cover the most commonly occurring types of Wills.

All of our Wills have the following features:

  • they are valid in all  States and Territories of Australia, regardless of where they are signed, so long as it is executed correctly.
  • each Will is prepared by a qualified lawyer with years of experience, not by some online Will robot.
  • If, from the information provided, it appears  to the lawyer that the standard Will type requested is not suitable for your needs they will tell you so, and provide legal advice at no extra charge as to what sort of Will may be more appropriate for you.

If you would like to order one of our standard Wills as described below, please contact us.  If you want to ask any questions about our standard Wills or want a Will that doesn't fit any of the standard Will descriptions, please contact us.We will reply to you answering your question, or requesting any extra information we need to advise you further or complete your Will.

Once the type of Will needed has been established, and payment received, a lawyer will then review the information provided and prepare the Will. When the Will is ready we will email a draft of the Will to you to review and confirm. Once the Will has been confirmed we can either post or email it to you for signing, together with detailed instructions for the correct procedure to follow to ensure that it is validly executed.

We take the time and care to make sure your Will is right for you - but we always aim to have your Will finalised and ready to sign as soon as possible once we have been provided with all the information we need to do the job right.


(all prices include 10% GST)


The Standard Family Will - $440.00 incl. GST for one or $770.00 incl. GST for a couple

We find that clients who are married or in a domestic relationship and have children who are all from that relationship often want the same type of Will. We call these "standard Family Wills" . Our standard Family Will has the following features:

  • the maker of the Will appoints their spouse or domestic partner to be the Executor of the Will and leaves all their estate to them provided their spouse or domestic partner survives them;
  • if their spouse or domestic partner does not survive them then they appoint someone else to be the Executor/s and Trustee/s and create a Testamentary Trust whereby they leave their estate equally among those of their children who survive them and reach a minimum qualifying age (i.e. 18, 21 or 25 years);
  • if any of their children should predecease the Will maker or not live to reach their qualifying age, but those children have children  of their own (i.e. the Will maker's grandchildren) then the Will maker leaves the share that their deceased child would have received to those grandchildren, provided they reach the minimum qualifying age  (e.g. 18 or 21 years);
  • it contains thorough and detailed powers to the Trustees to enable them to properly and effectively administer the estate and any Testamentary Trust created by the Will.

For other types of Wills our fees depend on the complexity of the desired Will and the amount of time we spend preparing it. Once the details of the desired Will are known we will give a costs estimate to the client.

If you would like to enquire about our Wills service please please contact us.

We can help

We know the potential pitfalls, and will ask you all the right questions to make sure that you have considered every possibility. We can design your Will to try to help protect your family from expensive estate litigation after your death and we can safely store your Will in our deeds room at no extra charge.